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We enable multiple applications on our mobile robots  – providing the most intuitive interface for a quick setup, change of tasks and applications

Multiple applications and task enabled on the same robot is the key to succeed for even small applications.

We collaborate with leading partners with high expertise and domain knowledge for each specific application.  

Multiple applications can be enabled on our robots. When combining more applications, the robots gets profitable, desired and adding great value. 

we enable multiple Applications on robots


NEW Multifunctional


The ER-FLEX is a robot series which is optimized for easy changing of applications on the robot. You can easily change hardware and fixtures to customize it for almost any application in your environment. This will help you achieve a high occupancy of the robot and improve the return on investment.


Automate kitting applications by having a robot that drive around and pick parts to order directly from  the warehouse


Machine tending: Service multiple machines with a single robot and integrate the part transportation.


Automate lab tasks in cleanrooms to limit human precense, repetitive task and reduce risk of contamination.


Hospitals can benefit from a flexible robot. We are working on various applications, please contact us for more information 


Education & research KIT – A complete kit with gripper, boxes, markers etc. All you need for fast and easy setup


QC Lab: Collect samples and measurements for quality control.

Robots are here to make your life easier.
A major key in perception of advanced and complex technology as “easy to use”- is the interface.

The ER-ABILITY is the best tool to make your life easier.

Easy setup

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