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A characteristics for the components manufacturing industry is the need for flexibility and quick adjustments of the production - especially for high mix/low volume manufacturing. Customer trends and demands change fast and delivery time is a extremely competitive factor. The ER-FLEX delivers highly flexible logistic automation WITHOUT compromising  precision and reliability.


Imagine a robot working the night shift while manufacturing larger batches with less variability. In the daytime human workers take of the more complex tasks, development and smaller batches.  

Transport manufacturing_edited.jpg


You can have numerous generic pre-programmed logistic workflows for the ER-FLEX and just redefine the exact location of the targets or destinations and the robot will be up and running within a few hours.


To fully utilize the abilities of the robot and make it perform several different tasks the end of arm tool can be exchanged in a few seconds. 

The tool changing mechanism can be placed at the front module of the robot or at the work station where the new tool is used. 

The multi-tool option makes it possible for the robot to handle an end-to-end production workflow with endless possibilities and combinations. 


Get inspired by this machine tending workflow. One ER-FLEX robot serving four workstations in a continuous workcycle running 24/7

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