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This is our robot. Agile, stable and easy to deploy. 
Available in three models. All with a MiR250 mobile base unit (from Mobile Industrial Robots) but different robot arms (from Universal Robots) for different applications and lifting payloads. All three models are also available with ESD coating for use in electro sensitive areas. 

Arm Options


For applications that require a small-sized cobot with sufficient reach and payload, the UR5e will help you perform precise, meticulous tasks and the mobility of the robot gives you similar possibilities as that of a human worker.

Arm reach:        850 mm / 33.5 in

Reach height:   3 - 192 cm / 1.2 - 75.6 in

Arm Payload:    5 kg / 11 lbs



Same for all robots

Robot Footprint:

Cargo Base Area:

Base Payload:

Max speed:


Operating Time:

Charging Time:

Available Output:

Daily Utilization:


Operating environment:




800 x 580 mm /31.5 x 22.8  in

560 x 510 mm / 22.0 x 20.1 in


Up to 186 kg / 324 lbs 


2.0 m/s - 4.5 mph 

+/- 1 mm    +/- 0.04 in

4.5 hours (100 -> 10%)

40 minutes  (20 -> 80%)

48V std

20 hours (Up to 24 hours if charing while operating)

Dual-band wireless (b/g/n/ac)



10-95%, non condensing

5-40°C / 41-104 F

IP21  (Arm and Tower: IP54)


Robot - full stop measures

  • Proximity sensors scan the floor surrounding the robot

  • Laser scanners detect objects from afar

  • 3D cameras detect objects higher than 40 cm in front of the robot

  • Force sensors stop the arm if they sense any counter pressure

Robot Communication

  • Lights: LED status lights in different colors communicate the operating status of both robot arm and mobile unit

  • Audio: Robot plays voice messages or audio signal tunes to communicate the operating status (optional feature)


  • Robot arm returns to a 'safe home' position when mobile unit is moving.

  • Robot arm reduces speed when object is detected within a given distance - to prevent from going into full stop mode.


The standard model of the ER-FLEX comes with a low front module on which parts and items are placed for transportation and handling. For some applications it can be useful to mount a high top module if handling smaller items.  Charging stations and 3D markers are also part of the accessories. 

If you have questions or requests for customized front modules, please contact us



With the UR robot arm you get access to the entire
UR Plus Ecosystem of tooling, solutions and equipment. For sure there will be a solution to fit your needs.

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