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The  semiconductor manufacturing industry is characterized by increasingly high demand on a global scale and a lack of skilled labor to manage the often repetitive, meticulous and sensitive handling tasks. This makes it an evident and highly necessary case for automation. Manufacturing floors and labs in the electronics and semiconductor industry are often packed with machinery and narrow aisle space. This is why the ER-FLEX is suitable for these types of areas: a small footprint, flexiblity and the ability to work and move safely alongside human co-workers. 


The ER-FLEX can tend to several machines in the same workflow. Loading and unloading machines. Picking and placing foups in racks. Transporting parts and materials between machines and stations. How many machines a robot can tend depends on the cycle time of each machine. You can also have a fleet of ER-FLEX robots serving a whole production floor. The robots work in an autonomous and coordinated workflow thanks to our FLEET ORGANIZER software which ensures high utilization of the robots and minimum idle time.

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