We enable robot arms by providing mobility and enable mobile robots with complex task solving capabilities.

er-lite series

The LITE is a standard robot series. These robots are used in a variety of applications - A great all-round robot.


The ER-LITE enables you to mount a robot arm for Universal Robots (UR) UR3e / UR5e onto a MiR100 or MiR200. The top module is designed for collaborative operation, integrating safety systems, easily reachable emergency stops buttons and indicator lights for UR status around its base.


Safety systems combined and integrated with external e-stops in the top corners.


Holder for UR teach pendant and storage for cabling.

Status light

Arm status light and round shapes for collaborative use.

er-flex series

ER-FLEX series - Optimized for space, flexibility and carrying capacity.


The ER-FLEX series is the latest development from  Enabled Robotics.

ER-FLEX is providing easy change of applications on the robot. You can easily change hardware and fixtures. This will help you achieve a high occupancy of the robot and improve the ROI (Return On Investment)

ER-FLEX can be specified with any UR arm you like and, the mobile platform is available as either MiR 100 or MiR 200.

ER-FleX Low


The low front allows you to customize the space  for almost any application you like. There is plenty of space for tall items. 

Fit any jig or fixture you like on the ER- FLEX fixing plate.

ER-FleX Medium


Combining  the flexibility of the LOW version with the need of space for on-board equipment such as extra battery capacity – small compressors for vacuum grippers etc. You can use the space as you like, or you can ask us and our integrators to help you.

ER-FleX High


Designed for those who carry smaller items or basically just needs a fixing plate in table height.

The space inside the module, can be used for loads of extra battery power, compressors for vacuum grippers, measurement equipment, controllers etc. The amount of possibilities are allmost unlimited.

Contact us to get the best solution for your applications.

er-one series

ER-ONE series is our product line for end-of arm tools and enablers.


Enabled Robotics offers a unique camera solution for calibration of a UR robot arm or a complete robot from Enabled Robotics.

The system calibrates to the environment by using a marker for reference. The system is fast and millimeter precise.

DPS is always supplied as standard with all our robots.

ER-ONE DPS is UR Plus certified by Universal Robots.

Buy it! if you wan’t to optimize precision and performance on your Universal Robot arm.

DPS is available as a standalone product.

The Dynamic Position System utilizes a special designed camera for higher precision and better stability in changing light conditions

The DPS system is a true 6D calibration.

3 -axis and rotational too  – See the video below.

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