New vision system makes robot programming child’s play

Our new vision system opens up more opportunities for learning environments, making our robot a user-friendly and versatile companion in the classroom.

We’ve upgraded the vision system of our robots, making object recognition in robots even easier to do. The system is available as a beta release and can detect simple objects at this stage. This will become more sophisticated over time and capable of detecting complex shapes.

Students do the teaching

Using a single marker the first time the algorithm is initialized, students can train the robot to detect a target object by programming it to store an image of the object’s outline.

Enabled Robotics' vision system allows our robots to be used for table picking where students teach the robot to recognize and sort objects.

The robot can also determine the object’s distance and pick it up – along with others matching its profile – from an assorted pile of objects. The upgrade to the robot’s camera, as part of its improved Dynamic Positioning System (DPS), provides more options when it comes to object recognition.

“This application would be particularly good for colleges and schools that use robots in the classroom where students work with problem-solving,” says Enabled Robotics CCO, Ricky Søndergård

“For example, by using the robot for table picking, students can learn how to train the robot to recognize and sort a pile of LEGO® bricks by shape. This would give students an idea of how to create a pick-and-place application, which is typically used in manufacturing environments.”

Block programming interface

Our robots offer a variety of user interfaces depending on the experience level and preference of the user.

For example, our intuitive and user-friendly block programming interface is ideal for beginners who can drag and drop predefined commands, such as ‘Move’, ‘Stop’ and ‘Detect object’. Intermediate users can program the robot using MiR and UR interfaces. And robotics engineering researchers can program the robot using our ROS interface.

Find out more

To hear more about our robot’s new vision system, feel free to contact Ricky Søndergård on +45 61 8181 61 or at