Enabled Robotics moves to Agerhatten 27A, 5220 Odense

An increase in sales as well as contracts signed with international distributors – with more on the way – means there’s a need for more space as the company continues to scale up.

Enabled Robotics has moved to Agerhatten 27A, 5220 Odense. According to founder and CEO Lars-Peter Ellekilde, the main reason why the new location was chosen is its combination of office space, and testing and production facilities.

“We’re now at 10 full-time employees, and at a stage in our development where the various teams need to have more dedicated work areas so we can develop applications for customers and demonstrate what the robot can do,” says Lars-Peter.

The Enabled Robotics team with the ER-FLEX outside the company's new premises at Agerhatten 27A in Odense.

Another important factor for Enabled Robotics choosing the new office at Agerhatten 27A is its proximity to the highway, which will provide easier access for customers, employees and partners for meetings, robot demos and training.

Enabled Robotics specializes in flexible (ER-FLEX) robots for customers in the education/research, healthcare and manufacturing industries. With its advanced sensor, software and vision systems, the company’s flexible mobile robots can perform several types of tasks over the course of a day.

This flexibility means it is now possible to automate tasks that typically have not been automated before due to low volume.

Enabled Robotics’ robots are capable of multiple functions with a simple tool change on the arm, leading to increased robot utilisation and return on investment.

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For more information, please contact Enabled Robotics’ CCO Ricky Søndergård on +45 61 8181 61 or at rs@enabled-robotics.com