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HOW-TO: Update Ability for version 1.10.3 and older

Jacob Kastrup


For software versions 1.2.23 and older please contact for information on how to update the robot. The version number can be found in the lower left corner of the web-interface:

Updating the robot

For versions 1.2.24 -  1.10.3, updating the robot is a 2 step process.

1. Downloading the new release

Downloading the update file currently requires that the robot is connected to the internet. Connecting to a WiFi hotspot can be done by going to SYSTEM -> NETWORK.

After connecting the robot to the internet,  go to SYSTEM -> SETTINGS -> Software Update

From here press "Refresh" to fetch the available versions, select the desired version in the dropdown and press "Download"

Note: For version 1.9.0 and earlier, the version number has to be entered in manually.

See the Software Releases Forum for information on the latest software version.

Note: Releases are about 9 GB so it might take a while depending on your internet connection.

When the download is finished (Indicated by a green check-mark), go to the "Active version" menu under Management, select the newly downloaded version and press "Apply".

Restart the robot by turning it off and on again as described in the manual.

When connecting to the web interface after updating the robot, make sure to refresh the page by running "Empty cache hard reload". On Chrome: press F12 and right click the refresh icon.

NOTICE: Updating from 1.3.0-1.8.1:

Updating from versions 1.8.1 and older requires the user to download and apply the update twice to update correctly. The procedure becomes:

  • Download new version
  • Apply new version
  • Restart robot
  • Download new version
  • Apply new version
  • Restart robot

This applies the update correctly. After updating to 1.9.0 or newer, this extra step is no longer needed to update correctly in the future.

2. Updating the Ability URCaps

Go to the Downloads page (login required) and download the corresponding version of the Ability URCaps.

Save the Ability URCaps to a USB-stick and insert it into the teach-pendant on the robot.

Press the "Hamburger" menu in the top right corner of the teach-pendant and go to Settings -> System -> URCaps.

From here press the "+" to add the new URCaps. Open them one by one in the file system and press "Restart" to activate the new versions.


The robot is now updated. Confirm the update by connecting to the robot and checking the version number in the lower left corner of the web-interface. Make sure to check out the release notes for the update on the Software Releases Forum.



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