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HOW-TO: Charge the robot using the 3A cable charger (Dead/depleted battery) [MiR 250]

Jacob Kastrup

Why do I need a cable charger?

In normal use the robot should be kept charged using a MiR charging station.  Should it happen that the robot is left outside a charging station for a prolonged period of time while turned on, the battery can become depleted. In this case, the robot might still be able to turn on for a short while, and if possible, should be sent to a charging station before it powers off automatically. If the battery has become depleted enough that it is no longer possible to send the robot to a charging station, the battery will have to be charged using the 3A (or 12A) cable charger from MiR. 

Why can’t I just plug in the 3A charger?

If using the 12A charger, you can simply connect this to the charging plug found behind the back cover of the MiR 250. In the case of the 3A charger, the charger is not able to provide enough power to both charge the MiR and power on the ER-FLEX module at the same time, therefore the power supply to the ER-FLEX module needs to be disconnected before the charger is connected.

How do I connect the 3A charger?

  1. Make sure the robot is turned off completely (Both UR and MiR)

  2. Disconnect the battery on the MiR 250 (See MiR’s manual for a guide on this)

  3. Open the tower on the back of the ER-FLEX module and locate the ER PWR+ cable (See illustration)