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Camera Can't Calibrate

Carlo Bugayong

The robot displayed an error every time I try to add a measurement in Camera Calibration.

[ERROR]CameraCalibration::addMeasurement(0): OpenCV(4.2.0) ../modules/calib3d/src/calibinit.cpp:506: error: (-211:One of the arguments' values is out of range) Both width and height of the pattern should have bigger than 2 in function 'findChessboardCorners'

Things were done before the error message appeared.

1.      Power up the robot

2.      Go to Camera Calibration to calibrate camera with CH7 Chessmarker board.

3.      Calibrate CH7 chessmarker board with 30 measurements. Then delete all measurements greater than 1.0.

4.      After deleting it and press again the calibration button on ER UI the calibration result becomes RED means “ error “. We check the measurements of every result and we found out that the result becomes greater than 3.

5.      Create new calibration.

6.      All the result has higher measurement greater than 1000.

7.      Reset all the modules.

8.      Restart robot.

9.      Create new calibration and the error message appeared.

10.   Check if the camera detects the marker using the vision programming docks. (camera can detect the marker and object).

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Jacob Kastrup
Best Answer

Hi Carlo

This issue should be fixed in version 2.1.4 of Ability. Please update the system and try again.


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