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Software release 1.9.0

Jacob Kastrup

Release 1.9.0 is now ready for download! It's the successive version to 1.8.1. Follow the link below for a guide on how to update the ER-FLEX.

NOTICE: Updating from 1.3.0-1.8.1 to 1.9.0 

In addition to the steps described in the update guide, updating from versions 1.8.1 and older to 1.9.0 requires the user to download and apply the update twice to update correctly. The procedure becomes:

  • Download new version

  • Apply new version

  • Restart robot

  • Download new version

  • Apply new version

  • Restart robot

This applies the update correctly. After updating to 1.9.0, this extra step is no longer needed to update correctly in the future.

New features

1.9.0 comes with a lot of new features. The following features are now available with the new release.

Support for MiR 3.0

MiR software version 3.0 is now officially supported by the Ability software of the ER-FLEX.

User logins

Ability now supports user logins. After updating to 1.9.0 and connecting to the robot, the user will be prompted to login to access the interface. The default login is username: admin, password: admin. 

Users can be added by going to “Users” in the System menu.

Robot names

Robots can now be named to better keep track of several robots at once. The name can be set in the Settings menu and will be displayed in the bottom of the side menu.

'Cast' block, for casting between int, double and strings

The cast block currently supports 3 data types: integer, double and strings. The desired data type can be selected in the drop down on the block.

New string manipulation blocks: replacing substrings and creating a dictionary from a string

The ‘Replace’ block can replace substrings as illustrated in the example below:

The ‘Create dictionary from string’ block can be configured with the desired line break and key value separators:

'Mute protective fields' block

The block mutes the protective fields on MiR when moving between given waypoints. Muting the protective fields enables the robot to drive through more narrow corridors and escape situations where sensors are blocked.

This feature only works for MiR 250 and must be activated on the MiR interface. It can be found under settings/feature.

WARNING: Muting the protective fields deactivates safety features. Only do this after a comprehensive assessment of the associated risks.

‘Current robot information’ block

This value block can return information about the robot. This is useful when communicating with external systems.


  • If connected to WiFi, the robots IP address is now shown in the network menu

  • Make it easier to create and use dictionaries and lists.

  • Added warning when using non-supported browsers

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with importing Custom Markers from setup files.

  • Fix bug in CustomChessboardMarker definition where rows / cols were swapped.

  • Fixed bug in "Get element from list" so the correct data type is returned.

  • The last used setup will now be loaded on startup.

  • Fixed how error function settings are stored for consistent behaviour.

How to update