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Software release 1.8.1

Jacob Kastrup

Release 1.8.1 is now ready for download! It's the successive version to 1.7.0. Follow the link below for a guide on how to update the ER-FLEX.

NOTICE: Updating from 1.3.0-1.6.1 to 1.8.1 

In addition to the steps described in the update guide, updating from versions 1.6.1 and older to 1.8.1 requires the user to go apply the update twice to update correctly. The procedure becomes:

  • Download new version
  • Apply new version
  • Restart robot
  • Apply new version
  • Restart robot

This applies the update correctly. After updating to 1.8.1, this extra step is no longer needed to update correctly in the future.

New features

The following features are now available with the new release.

Introducing 'Blockly Packages': Easy reuse of code

Function blocks can now be imported across programs allowing for easy reuse of code and even more modularity in programs. When importing a program into another, all functions and variables defined in the program will be available in the new program. 

Defining function blocks in one program:

To import another program, click the 'Program' block and type in the name of the program you want to import:

Functions from the imported program, can now be called using the new 'Call Program function':

Several programs can be imported by separating program names with a semicolon:

Programs and setups can now be imported/exported

A new button has been added to programs on the dashboard allowing the user to download programs to the client computer. Similarly, program can be uploaded using the "Import program".

Import and export buttons are also found on the Setup page allowing for down/uploading setups to robots.


  • Added long term stability on UR driver

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where Scheduled Programs were offset by one day if repeated a number of times each week.
  • Fixed issue in 'Detect Object' block where the 'Apply' button did not close the side menu
  • Fixed issue where Pose2D value block did not allow negative values
  • Fixed issue where REST server sometimes did not return 'Executing' if succesfully put into 'Executing' state

How to update