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Software release 1.7.0

Jacob Kastrup

Release 1.7.0 is now ready for download! It's the successive version to 1.6.1. Follow the link below for a guide on how to update the ER-FLEX.

NOTICE: Updating from 1.3.0-1.6.1 to 1.7.0+ 

In addition to the steps described in the update guide, updating from versions 1.6.1 and older to 1.7.0 and newer requires the user to go apply the update twice to update correctly. The procedure becomes:

  • Download new version
  • Apply new version
  • Restart robot
  • Apply new version
  • Restart robot

This applies the update correctly. After updating to 1.7.0 or newer, this extra step is no longer needed to update correctly in the future.

New features

The following features are now available with the new release.

Added block for collision-free motion planning for the manipulator

When using the new "Move Planned" block, the robot will automatically avoid self collisions according to the robot model that is loaded in Settings. A series of waypoints will be calculated to execute the desired move without self collisions.

A collision box can be added to the flange of the robot to ensure collision free planning with tools as well.

Note: The camera is not part of the robot model and should be included in the user added collision box.

Added option of specifying the number of retries for Drive blocks

The number specifies how many times the internal planner of the MiR should try to plan a route when going to a position/waypoint.


Added blocks for validating the position of the mobile platform

Two new blocks are available to validate MiR positions:

"Check position" checks if the MiR is positioned within a certain threshold of a waypoint and saves the result in a variable. This can be useful when deciding whether or not an "Align base" is required to reach the desired position.

"Allowed position" checks if the MiR is allowed to go to the given waypoint, e.g. if its in a forbidden zone or wall.

Allow users to get various data from the robot which can be passed to an external system through REST or downloaded from the interface

Data can now be saved using the "Save dictionary as json" block and then downloaded from the web interface or sent through REST.

To enable the data saving features, enable the "Data Grabber" module in the module manager:

A dictionary containing the current manipulator transform, mobile platform position and camera data can be created and saved as follows:

The data can then be downloaded by going to  the "Download data" tab in the side menu.


  • MAC address is shown in web interface
  • Add user feedback message in CheckVolume block
  • Log dumps can now be downloaded instead of written to a usb drive

Bug fixes

  • If-statement can not take true- and false-block as input
  • Enabled converting elements from lists containing mixed data types into strings
  • Added max depth of 128 for calling functions recursively
  • Recalibrating after changing the work cell does no longer crash ability
  • Updating the robot now updates all modules correctly including the camera driver

How to update