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Software release 1.6.1

Jacob Kastrup

Release 1.6.1 is now ready for download! It's the successive version to 1.5.2. Follow the link below for a guide on how to update the ER-FLEX.

New features

  • Policies for selecting a marker when multiple are detected

Until now, the only policies available on the 'Calibrate to maker' block was to either allow multiple markers or not. If allowing multiple markers, the algorithm would choose the first marker found in the image (which would be in a random location) and return it's position. Now a third option, "Select marker closest to the camera", is available.

This policy can be used if there's a chance that several markers will be within view of the camera, but the desired marker is known to be closest to the camera. 

The "Select first marker found" policy can still be useful in scenarios where it is certain that only 1 marker is within view, as it is about 5 times faster because no validation step is needed to make sure there are not other markers in view.


  • Improved stability of camera driver and restructured camera interface for easier integration of new cameras
  • Types in Blockly are now verified and programs with invalid types cannot be loaded

Bug fixes

  • Analog IO on the UR can now be set on the ER interface
  • Ensure updated camera transform in vision blocks

Known issues

How to update