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Software release 1.10.2

Jacob Kastrup

Release 1.10.2 is now ready for download! It's a patch to 1.10.0 coming with a lot of bugfixes. Follow the link below for a guide on how to update the ER-FLEX.

Manipulator joystick not working

A new release of Chrome and several other browsers have caused the manipulator joystick in Ability to stop working. This patch fixes that problem. Due to many devices auto-updating their browsers, we highly recommend that everyone update their ER-FLEX to 1.10.2.

NOTICE: Updating from 1.3.0-1.8.1 to 1.10.2 

In addition to the steps described in the update guide, updating from versions 1.8.1 and older to 1.10.2 requires the user to download and apply the update twice to update correctly. The procedure becomes:

  • Download new version

  • Apply new version

  • Restart robot

  • Download new version

  • Apply new version

  • Restart robot

This applies the update correctly. After updating to 1.10.2, this extra step is no longer needed to update correctly in the future.

New features

The following features are now available with the new release.

Added blocks for playing sounds

This includes the "Play sound" block which can play the sounds uploaded to the MiR, along with the "Text to speech" block allowing the user to enter a string and have it played by the robot.


  • Publish camera intrisic on ROS topic

  • The "Cast" and "Convert Variable" blocks are replaced by one common "Extract typed value from input" block.
  • Add documentation for the 'Move Planned' block.
  • Removed support for Wise IO Modules
  • Add documentation for lists and dictionaries
  • Added error function for "Align Base"
  • Enabled Robotics MiR missions are now hidden.
  • Added health-check to database module

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with joystick not working on newest version of Google Chrome and other browsers
  • The Move Circular instruction will now throw if given waypoints defined by joint angles.
  • Fixed memory leak issue when assigning values to variables
  • Fixed issue where "Use Error Function" toggle did not work on "Call Program Function" block"
  • Fixed issue with Calibrate To Marker, making it continue to search for markers even if one marker is detected close to the image border.
  • The 'Is mobile waypoint valid' block is now able to handle lines of walls and forbidden zones drawn on the mobile platform map.
  • Recording a new map with zones caused the 'Is mobile positioned' block to not work
  • Deleting messages using the MiR interface threw an error.
  • Fix issue where error functions calling themselves and stopping the program could cause ability to crash

How to update