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Ability 2.4.0 release

Jacob Kastrup

New features

The following features are now available with the new update:

Auto-save to recover unsaved changes

Everytime a reference is created or "Apply" is pressed in the block menu, a backup of the current program is created. To load an auto-saved version of a program, simply toggle the "Load Backup" switch in the load program pop-up and select the name of the program.

"Run Script" block to interact with variables in the programming workspace

The new "Run Script" block allows for running very simply python commands to interact with the variables in a program. Variables are accessed through a predefined variable called "knowledgebase".

Only primitive variables of the following type can be set and read:

  • Bool
  • Int
  • Double
  • String

An example of doing operations on an integer variable:

Added Import and Export functionality to Site Manager and Cargo Manager

Just like programs, Site and Cargo manager files can now be imported/exported allowing for making local backups as well as moving the setups between robots.

Run latest camera calibration again

 With the click of one button, it is now possible to run the latest camera calibration automatically. Clicking "Re-run latest calibration" will move the arm to all the capture positions used in the latest calibration and add measurements from each position. Simply make sure that the CH7 marker is placed in roughly the same positions as it was during the previous calibration.

Re-calibrating the camera is recommended to do periodically as there is a chance that the camera fixture can slightly change its position/orientation during operation. The need for a recalibration will be evident if the robot starts missing its calibration targets.