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Ability 2.1.4 release

Jacob Kastrup

4/7/23, 9:10: 2.1.0 is momentarily unavailable for download through the update menu.

5/7/23, 9:05: 2.1.3 is now available for download. 

4/8/23, 11:03: 2.1.4 hotfix has been released

A more transparent way of handling references

With 2.1 we focus on handling references in a more transparent and user friendly way in Ability. When using the Calibrate To Marker block, references now have to be explicitly created to initialize the block. To do this select "New reference" in the dropdown on the block.

When selecting "New reference" the refernce creation menu will open in "Marker mode". In this mode you do not have the option of manually setting the default transform of the reference, instead you select the type of marker you wish to calibrate to and then the reference is initialized based on the marker in the camera view.

New features

'References' tab in 'Run Time Info'

Through the "References" tab you can find information about the parent, tool and transforms of           all the references defined in a program

3D view to Camera view to inspect current pointcloud and visualize current location of references and tools

This makes it easy to examine and troubleshoot current references and transformations

More policies for handling of multiple markers

New policies include the option to select the marker closest to the cameras Z-axis, as well as selecting the on closests to the center of the image.


  • Improved handling of references to make it more clear to the user what the value is and when it is updated
  • Make help tooltips for each block setting look nicer
  • Reintroduced execution error message on the REST interface.
  • Readded DataGrabber module
  • Minimum allowed angular velocity for Align Base set to 0.15, the same as the MIR minimum
  • Improved block menu for some blocks
  • Improved icons in frontend
  • Show robot IP on network settings page
  • Added gray overlay to webinterface when its not connected to the robot
  • Standardised error handling in the check volume and check color blocks
  • Changed naming of "Joint angles" and "Tool" to "Joint configuration" and "Transform"
  • Improved the block menu of 'Drive Relative' and 'Align Base'
  • Changed 'Set Reference' block to look and behave similar to 'Set Variable' block
  • Added 'Execute this block'-button to 'Set Reference' and 'Set Variable' blocks
  • Improve 'Get current data'-buttons in block-sidemenu-settings
  • Show unapplied-changes-warning if user tries to execute a block which has unapplied changes
  • Added reference dropdown in location sidemenu
  • Added reference frame and tool frame to location objects
  • 'Get Location Transform' block returns target instead of transform
  • Showing MiR missions name when executing in log
  • Removed 'Ask for retry' option in Calibrate To Marker
  • Update documentation for Calibrate to marker, Set Reference and Reference menu

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in module manager where some modules stopped working after restarting Ability
  • Fix issue that the timestamp on scheduled programs is 2 hours behind
  • Fixed popups being stuck under Force access modal
  • In some cases the 'Align Base' instruction rotated 180 compared to the specified orientation.
  • Fixed system hanging if program finished execution while in safety stop.
  • Fixed logout when multiple tabs are open
  • Fixed bug in edit-reference modal where the current transform was initially shown instead of the default transform
  • Fixed bug that the 'Get current data'-button did not work with the value block 'Position'
  • Fixed bug in program scheduler where negative values could be set for custom recurrence
  • Fixed OAuth to be logged in after unsuccesful OAuth login
  • Fixed block highlighting when executing a program
  • Fixed "empty" functionality in Cargo Manager for Box Slots containing same BoxID
  • Fixed bug in authentication sometimes failing
  • Fixed issue with Collision Detection toggle in Drive Relative and Align Base
  • Fixed scrollable 'Copy from list' in Cargo Manager
  • Disable save button when program name is invalid in Save As program modal
  • Fixed bug so all Blockly icons and sounds are loaded correctly on robots without internet connection
  • Fix rendering bug in Template flyout so labels are visible
  • Fixed bug in Motion-block so it's possible to use 'direction'-mode

UR and MiR compatible versions

Ability 2.1.x has been tested with the latest, at the time of release, versions of UR and MiRs software:

  • UR Polyscope version 5.13.1

  • MiR version 2.14.x

Please follow the respective guides from UR and MiR on how to update their systems.

Important: When updating Polyscope, make sure to reinstall the VNC server. The magic file can be found here. Simply download the VNC server install files to a USB flash drive and insert it into the UR's teachpendant.

Ability 2.1 is available for update now and can be accessed by the update menu on your robot. Find our guide on how to update here. If you are having trouble updating, please contact Enabled Robotics support:

How to update