The ER-ONE Dynamic Position System enables easy calibration between the robot and markers in the environment.
This allows for flexible use where the robot can calibrate to a new environment in under a second.

With the ER-ONE Dynamic Position System, you avoid having mechanical fixtures and tedious manual calibration. The functionality is integrated into the UR user interface making it easy and intuitive to use. 



  • The camera can be freely mounted on the tool. 
  • Inexpensive markers for precise calibration. 
  • Options of different marker sizes and integrated IDs for verification. 
  • Separate vision control box for fast image processing. 
  • Full 3D calibration in both position and orientation. 
  • Typical accuracy of 0.5mm perpendicular to viewing direction, 1mm in viewing direction. 
  • 2 MP camera with high dynamic range (HDR) for precise detection of markers and robustness to changes in illumination. 
Enabled Robotics vision system

Calibration to marker is provided as a URCap for a seamless integration and fast runtime calibration to the environment.


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