UVx1 is an automatic UVC light solution designed for disinfection of bacteria and virus hotspots.

Fridges, payment terminals, door handles etc. are among the many areas where people often touch during the day and can therefore be one of the primary sources of virus and bacterial transmission. In addition to regular cleaning where dirt and dust is removed, the UVx1 is designed to disinfect surfaces, corners and cracks, where cleaning and dispensing is difficult.

The UVx1 is supplied as an application kit for direct and easy fit on your ER-LITE or ER-FLEX robot.

The supplied ER-ABILITY software provides you with all functions needed for easy setup of disinfection routines. The collaborative robot arm enables panning over surfaces and the mobile base provides a seamless autonomous execution of your programmed disinfection routine. The result is a documented high-quality disinfection when and where you want it.


Shops, Supermarket and Malls
  • Entrance areas, handles and elevator buttons.
  • Coolers, fridges and glass surfaces.
  • Toilets, sinks and bathroom surfaces.
Pharma, Biotech and Industry, Schools, hospitals and daycare
  • Production tools.
  • Lab equipment. 
  • Surfaces in classrooms.
  • Medicinal and dentist equipment.
Offices and public areas
  • Printers, keyboards, tabletops and laptops.
  • Reception and information counters. 
  • Waiting rooms


  • 1x UVx1 with cable
  • 1x Bracket
  • 1x inverter for UR OEM 24V DC controller
  • 1x ER-ABILITY application software

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