Our collaborative robots makes it possible to automatize existing processes in a new way, and possible to use robots in a multitude of applications, where we do not see robots today


The industry is traditionally focusing on direct ROI, calculated on single cases. The high flexibility from our robots, allows the ROI to be calculated on multiple scenarios, small series, fast changes in production etc.


UVC light can reduce the majority of viruses and bacteria’s by 99,9% 

So whether you want to disinfect hotspots for Covid 19 in your offices or a potential bacteria in your production, then UVx1 is the right solution.

You get an application kit with all hardware and pre-programmed software blocks for ER-ABILITY 

The application kit can be set for various types of virus or bacteria. Chose your type, let the robot optimizes speed and motions to secure the right doze of UVC light.



Automate kitting applications by having a robot that drive around and pick parts to order, directly from  the warehouse “super market” or automatic storage systems.

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ER-Flex Shelfs (environment)

Logistics - warehouse to manufacturering lines

With our robots it’s easy to setup an automatic workflow of parts and bin boxes in/out from warehouse to manufacturing lines. Either it’s re-stocking of consumables or fully packed orders.

The ER-ABILITY software can be integrated to various MES and ERP systems.

– please ask for further information

CNC-uden støj


Do you want to save your night shift?
It’s now possible to operate and service multiple machines with a single robot and integrate transportation of the parts (semi / finished goods)

You can literally press the button in the afternoon and when you arrive next morning, then your parts are finished and ready for shipment.

All processes can be handled by the robot. – Need to know more? Give us a ring or a mail.


Hospitals need to free up "warm hands" for the patients.
Robots are the solution, but these must be flexible to cope with the high variety of tasks and applications on a hospital.

The multi-application robots from Enabled Robotics are flexible and they can work together with humans as they are collaborative.
They are perfect hospital robots.


The supplied ER-ABILITY software provides you with all functions needed for easy setup of disinfection routines. The collaborative robot arm enables panning over surfaces and the mobile base provides a seamless autonomous execution of your programmed disinfection routine. The result is a documented high-quality disinfection when and where you want it.


Internal logistics

The robots from Enabled Robotics can do a high number of internal logistics tasks.

Autonomous collecting samples from the pathology department and bring it to the test lab.

The same can be done for other types of samples like blood samples etc.

By installing a robot from Enabled Robotics, then you can use the same robot for a multiple number of task and you will need one robot for all, not a robot for each task.

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