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The ER-FLEX SPECIALIST Course builds on top of the CORE certification by teaching advanced programming features and vision functions, as well as how to set up communication interfaces and data exchange to integrate the robot with external systems. The course also covers an extensive troubleshooting and commissioning guide.


The attendee should have completed the following courses:

  • ER-FLEX CORE Certification
  • MiR Academy Gold Level

  Course description

The following will be covered by the ER-FLEX SPECIALIST course:

  • Detailed hardware and software configuration overview

  • How to use custom markers, waypoint validation, I/O and more

  • How to use the “Check Volume”, “Check Color”, and “Detect barcode” vision blocks

  • Practical experience using the REST and OPC-UA interfaces

  • Diagnosing runtime errors of programs

  • Steps for commissioning and risk assessment


The ER-FLEX SPECIALIST course takes 2 days including breaks/lunch.


  Learning goals

After completing the course, you will be granted the ER-FLEX SPECIALIST certification. This certification aims to provide experience with setting up complex applications and integrating with external systems. With the certification you will:

  • Understand possibilities of adding external hardware to the robot

  • Be able to use advanced programming features such as custom markers, references and waypoint validation

  • Be able to use 3D vision blocks

  • Understand how to integrate the ER-FLEX with external ERP, MES and other systems.

  • Be able to do extensive troubleshooting of the robot including runtime and programming errors.


Courses are either hosted at Enabled Robotics’ facilities, distributors facilities or on-site with the customer. The number of people per course depends on the number of available robots (maximum 4 people per robot).


Get in touch with our support team for pricing, booking information and further details about this course.  

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